Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Word - 2014

When I chose "Breathe" for my word last year, I had no idea that the Universe would take that as a personal challenge to see just how many situations I could endure that would require me to remain calm and breathe while my stress meter was pegged.

There are studies that evaluate the most stressful events in life and how stress can affect your health. I took a quick test to see where mine has been, based on the past 12 months, using the Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale.

The Score Interpretations of the test were:
  • If you score 300+: You have a high or very high risk of becoming ill in the near future.
  • If you score 150-299: You have a moderate to high chance of becoming ill in the near future.
  • If you score less than 150: You have only a low to moderate chance of becoming ill in the near future.
My score for 2013? 449

I am depleted. Parts of me are running on empty, others on literally fumes, yet I've still trudged on. I'm not saying my life has been any more stressful or hectic than anyone elses. I'm just speaking about my own individual experience.

My focus for 2014 is to work on things that NOURISH me - things that recharge my batteries, fill my soul up until it bubbles over, reduces my stress and allows me to be the person I want to be. I need to nourish all parts of my life whether they be physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, social, occupational or spiritual. I'm not talking monumental changes, though if some of those occur in positive ways, that will be ok too. I need to replenish so that I can continue to handle all the curve balls life throws my way.  So forgive me if I seem to pause and retreat from time to time in 2014 - it just means I'm regaining my footing. :)

My word for 2014:

NOURISH: To give the substance required to live, grow and/or remain fit and healthy; to encourage or strengthen a feeling or idea; to help something to grow or develop.

Monday, December 30, 2013

One Word of Focus for 2014

Got your Word yet?!?! It's almost that time!! Every year instead of Resolutions, I choose one word as my year's theme. Last year my word was Cultivate - it was a great year of growth. This year I chose the word Breathe and oh boy has the universe provided me with a ton of tests to teach me how to do that very thing!! Now I'm in search of my word for 2014. Won't you please join me this year? What will your one word be for the New Year - 2014?

Sunday, December 29, 2013

As 2013 Ends...

This year has been filled with incredible peaks and hellish valleys and yet through it all I've worked to maintain my faith, my hope and have learned to breathe. I thank God for all that he has provided. Everything hasn't gone as expected. Life has and will continue to throw me curve balls but I'm learning to just let it all roll off.  It has been a journey but it has also been lessons learned. For now, I'm just going to be grateful for the small positive
  • My mom had surgery at then end of 2012, so I went to help take care of her and didn't return until January 2013.
  • Got a new tattoo - Breathe, Believe, Focus Hummingbird
  • Continued to make and give away scarves on my travels - warms my heart to think things I've made are giving hugs out in the world
  • Attended Recognition Night where Sierra got a Certificate of Merit
  • Became a grandma on January 11 with the birth of Theia Lyn Costantini, my little TLC
  • Took a roadtrip to Arizona - had a great time, stayed in a Spaceship Motel, got to see a giant metal snake and dinosaur, rode lidless on the back of a bike and got to eat Cracker Barrel for a taste of home
  • Got promoted at work - YAY!
  • My eldest son got married April 20th and our family welcomed in Tiffany and her children so I am now grandma to 5!
  • Took a gardening class with Jennie
  • My friend Jay McFarling lost his battle with ALS so now I simply hug my friend Jennie to let her know she is never alone. That's what friends do for each other!
  • Took Sierra to her first PBR event
  • Got named one of the 50 Best Moms in San Diego - still just floors me but makes me smile
  • Helped host the National Armed Forces FreedomRide for Southern California
  • My eldest daughter had her senior prom - gorgeous pink mermaid dress
  • Attended banquets for Mikaela for Avid and watched her get the recognition she deserved for all her hard work, along with scholarships
  • Took painting classes at Paint 'N Vineyard alone and with Jennie (Sunflowers and Sea Window)
  • My apartment had leaks from the ceiling of every bathroom and the kitchen - all at the same time! 
  • My co-workers, friends and family made me feel special on my birthday - Mikaela took me to see my first 3D IMax movie
  • Got my youngest daughter some help as she struggles with some issues so that she too can learn to breathe
  • My eldest daughter graduated from High School
  • Watched in awe as Sierra learned to sew her first quilt top with my mom
  • My brother got so sick that I flew back to TN for a month to help care for him and watched his heart stop which terrified me and my mom.  He miraculously recovered from it all after staying in the hospital for 2 months
  • My memaw had a heartattack but came through it all ok
  • My eldest daughter moved to Long Beach into an apartment with her boyfriend and left for college
  • More water leaks in my apartment 
  • Picked up beading again to see if I could do it still
  • Received a Sunflower and Hummingbird Yarn Bowl!
  • Learned how to Needle Tat 
  • One of the items I've made got featured on Ravelry
  • Found a wonderful sangria at a local restaurant and the waiter gave me the recipe :) Yay me!
  • Blew a headgasket on my car :( Poor Bessie just isn't going to make it any more but she's being donated
  • Bought a new car - love it! Hello Izzy2!
  • Got a new apartment - love it too!  No more leaks!
  • Had a birthday party for Sierra at Shogun Restaurant - I loved watching her with her friends
  • Painted ceramics with Sierra
  • Moved!!!
  • Faced one of my largest fears on the planet...dentists! I had massive amounts of work done all at once. Now I need to schedule another visit to get my permanent crowns in
  • My youngest daughter made our first home cooked meal in our new place - chili! :)
  • Discovered turnip greens and okra in my local grocery store - OMG so happy
  • Traveled to OK, CO, MI, TN and lots of CA - I traveled over 42,197 miles in 2013 not counting train rides and cars. Whew!
  • Stayed in a beautiful Victorian B&B in Colorado
  • Got told my position is being eliminated and I'll need a new job in 2014
  • Lost the silver yarn skein and cross from my necklace - was gifted with replacements from the wonderful lady who made my original ones
  • Met Bev Vilardofsky in person :)  Always good to meet friends
  • Made Christmas ornaments with my grandbabies - snowmen fingerprints
  • Won a quilt from the Buckeye Military Families Quilt Raffle - YAY!!
  • Attended Wreaths Across America with Jennie, delivered Jason's wreath and stuffed stockings for wounded warrior wives and their kiddos
  • Got to spend Christmas Eve with all four of my kids and all five of my grandbabies. Don't know when that'll happen again!
  • Beginning to learn to knit
  • Got the most amazing gifts for Christmas! My daughter gave me a framed oil pastels painting she made and my mom gave me a swift & yarn baller!  Heaven!
  • Candy Cane Lane with my girls, Tyler and his mom!  Dinner and coffee! Awesome night!
  • Shipped my youngest son off to Chicago to hang out with friends for a vacation he so desperately needs
  • Came down with the crappiest cold that my son obviously shared with me before he left for Chicago
  • Crocheted like a fiend all year long and hopefully will finish my garden blanket by 1/1/2014.
Through all the ups and downs, the one thing I've learned to do consistently is...BREATHE!