Tuesday, November 15, 2011

This Holiday Season

As all of you prepare for the upcoming holidays, I hope that you will pause and honestly take a few moments to be grateful for those who are in or have been in your life along with all of the precious moments that go into it.

Be thankful for those who have come into your world and taught you how to love in ways you never dreamed of from the amazing unconditional love of a pet or a child to your family and friends to the stranger whose life you have touched in some way.

Be thankful for those friends whom have made you laugh so hard you cried, those who have cried along with you during times of trouble and those who knew how to support you without saying a word.

Be thankful for those who make your life difficult because they teach you about yourself, whether you wanted that lesson or not. Learn to admit your own faults and perhaps be thankful for the opportunity to apologize to anyone whom you may have offended or hurt along your own path. You never know if you'll ever get another chance.

Be grateful for the family that you have. Sure they have their faults, no one is perfect. Learn to put some of the everyday pride and bullshit aside long enough to let them know that while you may not always agree with them, you feel blessed to have a family.

Be grateful for the sun that shines down, the rains that pour, the rushing winds and piles of snow because each brings their own version of beauty into your world. Each day brings with it the opportunity to build new relationships, new friendships and memories so learn to cherish each moment. Stop rushing through your world and pause to enjoy the here and now for this moment won't ever be back again.

Take a moment to remember those whom have touched your life but are no longer with you. Perhaps light a candle, whisper a prayer, offer a flower to the ocean or find some way of commemorating the fact that they have touched your life in some way.

Stop worrying about who is going to get what for whom or if you'll be able give them the latest or greatest gadget or gizmo this holiday. Instead, please give them the gift of memories to carry with them when times are difficult. Take the time to call them, visit them, write them a letter or an email. Go have a cup of coffee or share a meal together. Interact with one another. Those moments will be the gifts they cherish the most.

Please realize that each day is such a precious gift and you are blessed with each moment so don't squander it. Reach out to one another and bring some true meaning back to Thanksgiving and Christmas this holiday season.