Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 90: Gratitude

Today's Gratitude

  • Highway Safety: It has been another crazy day here in San Diego. It seems there were two guys who thought it was a fantastic idea to randomly shoot people driving on the interstate. The police have shut down major highways. I'm just glad I got home safely and hope everyone else did to.
  • Preening of Thirteens: My youngest will be 13 on Saturday so today she actually asked to finally go spend that gift card she's had since Christmas. She wanted new clothes. My girl wants to look more like a girl! Being a teen is hard but it is fascinating watching kids transform themselves and step outside their comfort zones to reach for things.
  • Comfort & Chocolate: Unfortunately, my older girl is going through a rough emotional time right now. I'm rather worried about her but I let her curl up next to me on the couch last night and gave her chocolate just to see her smile.
  • Life Cycles & Fish: I love fish and swimmie frogs but alas my fish keep dying lately. It breaks my heart that fish do not last long but they make me smile when I have them. Swimmie frogs seems to last much longer so I'm going to get me one. I haven't had one in a few years.
  • Darling: Lately, Tim has taken to calling me Darling and something about that just makes my heart smile.


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