Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 87: Gratitudes

  • Dinner Out Alone: No one was home so I went out to CPK with a book and a notebook. I ordered a drink, some food, read, wrote and people watched until I was smiling.
  • People Watching: I love to people watch. I watched young couples with their kids. I love it when a father will pay as much attention to the kiddos as the wife. Or the grandfather who knelt down to kid level to play with his grandson until the kid was giggling so happily. I watched a mother explain to her tweens the Housewives of Orange County which cracked me up. The two gentlmen who were sitting behind me were talking about thier work and sex lives. The manager came by to check on me. People fascinate me.
  • Chatting with Friends: I love it when friends I haven't talked to in a while reach out and we chat again like it was just yesterday that we saw one another. I love their zany sense of humor.


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