Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 85: Gratitude


Today has been beyond awesome! My Marine official is on mailstop so he's coming home and I get a flag on my daughter's 13th bday! You have no idea how much it meant after the past couple of weeks. The doorbell rang, I opened it and a box was left. It had a customs tag which let me know it was from the Sandbox. The side of the box read American Flag and I just stood there hugging a box in tears. When I finally went to open it, it was taped shut so tight and I was shaking so much, I didn't think I'd ever get it open. Then I just hugged that flag and cried for all of us.

The flag was from one of our Combat Support Hospitals. "I want to take a couple of minutes to say thank you from all of the Soldiers at the 115th Combat Support Hospital at Camp Dwyer, Afghanistan. ... Being apart from our families has been difficult for all of us, but with selfless people such as you backing us, it makes getting out of the rack a bit easier. From the bottom of my heart, and the rest of the hearts you have touched here at Camp Dwyer, Thank You!"

I went to Michael's and got a flag case and some certificate frames so I can hang it up!

Happy Birthday to my daughter!!


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