Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Reprogramming the Robots - Auto Pilot Spending

Have you ever been driving down the road then realize suddenly that you don't remember driving past a certain point then realize your brain was on autopilot? Have you ever gotten on the freeway to go some place and find yourself automatically heading in the direction of your job because you do that several days a week?

I think our spending habits are sometimes like that as well. We always shop at the same stores, eat the same foods, get gas at the same place, pick up take out since it is convenient, and money just pours out the door through these habits.

We need to reprogram our robot, in other words, our brains. I can hear part of us already screaming, "Danger! Danger! Will Robinson!"

For one month, track each and every penny you spend so that you can see where you money goes on a normal basis. This is to help you become more aware of how you are spending your money and change the autopilot habits. When you determine where you want to change your spending habits, you control your money instead of it controlling you.

Our robots aren't the only one that needs reprogramming. Kids and spouses will need to be reprogrammed as well. My kids will say, "Hey mom, how about a soda run?", or "Want me to pick you up a cup of coffee while I'm out?", or "You know what sounds good? Jack In The Box."

I've discovered that we kind of trained our kids to spend our cash. Time to reprogram their robots as well because now, only *we* get to determine where our money goes. For me, I say it goes towards becoming more financially stable.

By reprogramming our responses to "No thanks, unless you are buying", it should help reprogram theirs. Isn't it funny how our kids are willing to have someone else spend their money but when you suggest that they buy, they change their minds in a hurry?

Time to Reboot!


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