Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 98: Life Balance, Cogs and Gratitude

"I believe that being successful means having a balance of success stories across the many areas of your life. You can't truly be considered successful in your business life if your home life is in shambles." ~ Zig Ziglar

I believe that to be truly happy, you have to have balance. I view our lives as being divided up into different aspects:

To have a fulfilling life, you have to have balance in: Community, Financial, Spiritual, Health, Friends & Family, Romance/Partner, Recreation, Personal Growth and Career.

Think of your life like the wheels of an automobile. You need even pressure, tread, and number of miles for you to get the best use from them. Often times a bump in the road, perhaps one you keep hitting over and over like a speed bump, causes the tires to shift just a bit so they begin to wear differently on each one. Perhaps the miles on the road have begun to make certain spots in the tread thin out. The temperature and pressure changes cause it to begin to deflate or bubble on one side. If you leave all of these items unattended, sure you'll still get by for a while but eventually you will end up with a flat and/or have an accident and not have gotten any where near as far as you could have.

If we take all of our efforts and focus on setting goals and improving only certain sections of our lives while basically ignoring the others, then your life gets thrown off balance and those neglected sections will indeed remind you that you need to tend to them as well.

Our lives intersect with other people's lives - kind of like the legs on a cog.

This is a good thing because it means that we all can help one another with the various sections of our lives.

More to come on this...Continued Here

  • Facing Fears:My daughter felt safe enough to face a fear. Her fear has been of the pain getting her ears pierced would cause. We've been trying to get her do that for years but this weekend, she decided it was time. I was so very proud of her. Even better, she was proud of herself.
  • Nails:I spent time with my girls today. We went and had mani/pedis plus got our caterpillars, aka eyebrows, done. It was so nice to be able to finally treat myself to such after having had my foot in a boot or cast for the past few months. While there I remembered the first time I took Sierra to get her nails done, she was 7 years old. It floored me that we've been going there for 6 years. WOW!
  • Laughter: My life seems to be constantly filled with the sounds of laughter. I happen to love that about my family and home.
  • My Mom and My Aunt Karen:I'm so grateful for my mother and my Aunt Karen. They have been dedicating their time and lives to help my grandmother who is suffering from dementia. I'm eternally grateful that she has them to help her when I'm so far way.


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