Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 93: Gratitude

Today's Gratitudes:
  • Fridays: RED Shirt Friday! (Remember Everyone Deployed) I had my red shirt on!
  • Physical Therapy: Doc says I've regained 70% mobility and use so just another 30% to go. Told me it will be the roughest to regain. I got clearance to try a recumbent bike and/or elliptical so long as I buy support compression stockings, stretch before hand, wrap my ankle then promise to ice down afterwards. I am to start with only a few minutes and can slowly increase it so long as I don't push it. Yeah, patience is a virtue and not one I possess but I'll give it a shot!
  • Friends & Family: My Aunt Karen had told me that my grandmother's assisted living called to say that they received a large envelope of signed handprints with donations for the Alzheimers Association from some of my California friends. My friends are the best!! It is not too late. Copy your handprint on a copier. Sign the print and send it with $1 to Belmont Village 6605 N Quail Hollow Rd. Memphis, TN 38120 Attn: Deb Kornrumpf Thanks again everyone who has helped!
  • Dinner with my youngest: I had some one on one time with my youngest daughter. I love the conversations we have had lately. We are definitely getting closer.


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