Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 100: Two Shoes, Open Communications and Connections

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“Real life isn’t always going to be perfect or go our way, but the recurring acknowledgement of what is working in our lives can help us not only to survive but surmount our difficulties.” ~ Sarah Ban Breathnach

Did you begin working on your goals for the last 100 days of the year? Here are my items based on the categories selected yesterday. I'm sure we will discuss other items as well along the way. I want this to become a learning path.

  • Two Shoes!
  • After my physical therapy appointment this morning, I actually got to wear TWO shoes for my day. This is the first time since the end of June! It sounds crazy but that one tiny accomplishment meant the world to me. Of course my ankle is super swollen now and I won't be running any marathons in the near future but the joy of simply being able to walk out without a boot or cast on my leg is amazing!
  • Lunch with Old Co-Workers:
  • Met Trevor Renfield and Shawn Swaney for a quick lunch in Sorrento Valley Food Court. It was great to see my old "bosses" and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed working with them.
  • Opening Lines of communication:
  • I mentioned today was the beginning of the last 100 days of 2011 to my PT. We talked about year end goals and we shared how we had each lost someone very important to us in the past year. She had lost her mother (turns out she has lost her father and her brother over the years as well) and was dreading the holidays this year. I told her about Rich and turns out she had been at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf the day Dean took his life outside of World Market near there. She had witnessed the chaos. Our conversation was the first time I've spoken aloud about Rich and Dean and didn't cry. That felt like a great accomplishment. Perhaps our meeting was fate. She talked about how she had gotten invited to Tahiti for Thanksgiving this year and how the holidays would be so different without the gluing force of her mom's presence. I told her to be kind to herself. If she wanted to go to Tahiti, then she should do it. She should allow herself some heal time and time to make some new happy memories for the holidays. I also discussed the Blog with Tim. We agreed that while some of the topics and the work I'm doing for these 100 days may be difficult, it is a necessary process for my own healing. I just need to be aware of the fact that when I work through such things, I tend to shut out people. I'm going to strive to not do that during this process but that means I am not going to censor my writings so that I can actually work through all of this.
Physical Health:
My ankle tendons are ridiculously tight and do not want to stretch at all! I got a couple of new exercises. My PT said something that just sort of resonated with where I am in life at the moment. She said, "Just remember that you are in control of your pain. Stretch until you can feel it but if it becomes too much, back off some." I definitely need to apply that to many facets of my life.

Emergency Preparedness:
I am researching the various items I am going to need for these two kits. So far my list is as follows:
  • Battery Back-up for Cell Phone (my phone died within the first 10 minutes of the outage)
  • Snacks
  • Water
  • Candles
  • Lighter/Matches ( I couldn't find a lighter because I quit smoking 19 months ago. Funny how I could find those everywhere until now)
  • Hand crank radio/flashlight - Really need to research these since they now have the ability to charge a cell phone too - but at how many rotations?
  • Glow Sticks - Perfect for leaving in bathrooms during the night so you aren't leaving a candle burning to be able to find your way
  • Cell phone car charger (Need to check my fuses because my outlet in my car wasn't working)
  • Phone Numbers List (if cell phone dies, you can't see the numbers in your phone to call anyone on a land line)
  • Extra sneakers for car (If the power is out and you run out of gas because stations can't pump - you might need sneakers to make the long walk)
  • Batteries
  • Cash (If all of the power is out, your bank card is useless)
I paid all of my monthly bills. I need to call my apartment office and make an appointment to renew my lease.

It was nice to quiet my mind for 15 minutes this morning. I let myself simply be in the moment - to drink in the stillness and simply be.

All in all, I'd say not a bad start! :)

So what was on your lists for today?


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