Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Red Light / Green Light or Freeze Tag

Have you ever noticed how life is like the childhood games Red Light/Green Light or Freeze Tag?

For those of you who don't remember, someone was chosen to become It. If you were playing freeze tag, they would chase everyone and if you got tagged you had to freeze exactly how you were at that moment. If you moved, you were out. You had to wait until everyone was frozen before you could move again.

Life is kind of like that. Events happen that cause us to freeze or stop where we are and either deal with an event or pause to consider the consequences of a decision or action. You can't move forward until you have dealt with those issues because life kind of has a way of bringing them back up and slamming you with them until you do. Sometimes we are fortunate enough that everyone around us is pausing with us. The more difficult times are when we are completely frozen by our decisions that we can't seem to find our way to move on.

If playing red light/green light, the person who was It would say Green Light and everyone would try to run to them to touch them but when they said Red Light, you had to stop exactly where you were. If you moved, you were out. The first person to touch the person who was It, won.

Sometimes we are chugging along toward a goal when all of a sudden something happens that causes us to have to stop. The trick is to not let such a set back prevent us from ever moving forward again. We need to get over our perfectionist attitudes and realize that it is just a momentary pause where life had to retouch us to get us to move forward. Perhaps it is that we just needed a moment to regroup before we could move on.

In either case, you need to get to the point where you are moving again. Being frozen in time and/or not dealing with all the curve balls that life is throwing at you just prevents you from playing in the game. Everyone has to become It at some point, so make the most of the game while you can.


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